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Our Mission is to help people get healthy hair using natural products only.

We live in a microwave age where we want satisfaction now but really healthy hair comes with the right treatment for the right period of time.
There is nothing new under the sun only the tried and true. The real answer is already here

Ayurveda discovered the secret to beautiful hair centuries ago but no one really knows about it.

The real Ayurveda hair growth formulas have been diluted and tainted so much so that what you find in the market is useless.

And that's where Gro hair oil comes in...
I know you are skeptical but this is an old Ayurvedic (Indian medicinal formula) used for Many centuries to grow hair- we simply revived it thanks to the help of a real Ayurvedic doctor.
So yes many of our Clients rave about it.
Try Gro hair oil is an actual Ayurvedic hair growing formula.
1. Uses high concentration of herbs in it (5-10%) others use 0.05% or less born for centuries to grow hair.
2. This is an actual Ayurvedic formula - formulated by an actual doctor - all the herbs used have studies you can review at the Bottom
Of our website. (Third party studies)
3. no fillers oils are used- everything here is used to help stop hair fall and stimulate growth
4. We use 17 different herbs all shown in scientific studies to grow hair. Again view the links at the bottom of our website.

Contact US
We have two ways to contact us-the fastest and best is by email. We answer these quite quickly (but still allow 24-36 hours to respond to you). With email someone often checks it even late at night so you will get a better and faster response. – Simply state your details and question and we will get back to you.
2. By Phone- You can call 4165190629 and leave a message and someone will get back to you. However because of the sheer volume of calls it takes longer to get back to you-so always email us first (allow 24-36 hours for us to get back to you by phone) before you phone. Make sure you white list our email info@grohairoil.com in your inbox so it never goes into your spam folder (you don’t want to miss a communication between us)
No matter how big or small the concern, we will address it, so please be patient with us,
 we handle everything personally,
We are located at:
Mira Herbals Inc
Contact us @ Info @ grohairoil.com
250 Merton St #405
Toronto, ON M4S 1B1
Phone number – 4165190629 ext 111 or  5185120742 Ext 111 (10 am to 5 pm eastern time)