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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Does Aradix Really Work?

Aradix does work.  In fact, in a study performed by researchers at the Oriental Medical College of Daejeon University South Korea, Aradix induced earlier telogen-to-anagen conversion than the control group did. This means the herb turned `sleeping` hair follicles to `growing hair follicles.  This herbal discovery also increased the depth and size of the hair follicles, which means if you suffer from thinning hair this herb can thicken and lengthen your thinning hair follicle.  Not only that - the herb also increased protein synthesis by 129% more than the control group.  As you may know, hair is made of protein and the more protein that can be synthesized into hair follicles, the thicker and longer your hair will grow.  This herb does just that and it gets even better because this herb also `increased the VEGF protein levels by 126%.  VEGF is a protein that is responsible for hair growth, hair thickening and hair length.  You want lots of VEGF to grow hair and this herb boosts VEGF by a remarkable 129% and does it all naturally

2.  So What is VEGF?

VEGF Stands for Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and it is a protein in the body that is responsible for hair growth.  VEGF will vary among individuals, but if you want to make hair grow as fast as possible you need more of it. I n fact researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have been able to grow hair faster and thicker on mice thanks to VEGF which promotes blood vessel growth in their skin.  The hair follicles were individually bigger and so collectively, VEGF increased the total volume of hair by 70%. 

3.  Exactly What IS Aradix?

Aradix is a herbal hair oil that contains potent and effective amounts of VEGF inducing Asia Sari Radix which is native to a few selective parts of Asia.  The extract of this plant has natural VEGF inducing properties which include hair growth and hair thickening properties

4.  How Does Aradix Work?

In order for VEGF to do its work, it must get to the hair root and scalp.  Aradix does this by topical application.  Our Aradix product with the powerful Aradix extract can thicken hair follicles and increase hair growth by protein synthesis and better blood flow to the area.  With Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor induced, you can grow healthy, long and thick hair faster and do it all naturally.

5.  If My Hair Doesn’t Grow Right Away, What Differences Should I Notice?

Even if you don’t immediately notice increased hair growth, you will feel your hair taking on new life.  Your hair will feel thicker, softer and It will be more manageable.  You will also see a slowdown of any hair loss you might be experiencing.  Soon you will begin to feel your hair growing thicker, longer, healthier and shinier and you will get more bounce and more volume as your hair follicles awaken.

6:  How Do I Use It?

You simply take a little oil and massage it onto your scalp.  The oil will seep into the scalp where it will safely and naturally stimulate VEGF and new hair growth.  Leave the oil on your scalp for at least thirty minutes and you can wash it out.

7.  Will Results Go Away When I Stop Using Aradix?

No the results you get will not go away after you stop using Aradix.  So long as you keep your scalp clean and so long as you stay healthy you will keep the gains.

8.  How Does Your Money Back Guarantee Work?

We are so confident that Aradix will work for you that if you use it for 30 days and fail to see results that please you, just send back the unused portion of the oil or empty bottle and you will get your money back.  Period!!  You have nothing to lose and beautiful, thick, long hair to gain.  It’s a sure way to boost self-confidence and make yourself feel and look even more attractive.

9.  Does it work on African American Hair or Asian Hair?

It works on all types of hair.  As humans, we all share the same proteins, hormones and hair roots.  What works for one hair type will work for all hair types